Burrows and Pinecones – Homeschooling in Canada

Welcome to my blog for homeschooling!

I have felt the need to blog, but I get way too overwhelmed blogging about each photography session I do throughout the year with Rustic Rabbit Photography. Instead, I have decided to host my homeschooling adventures on this blog to share our adventures, products and books we love, as well as activities I would like to highlight throughout the school year. For now, I will give you all an insight on why we chose homeschooling this year.

Homeschooling was never really something I wanted to do. As a full-time newborn and family photographer, homeschooling just sounded daunting with all of the extras I would have to include in my day to day. For me, the pandemic isn’t actually what “forced” me to home-school my kids, rather it was God who planted that seed in my head first. I knew I didn’t want to do physical school because of baby #3 going to be born in the middle of October and only having one reliable vehicle. It just wasn’t going to work! So let’s try on-line school! We actually signed-up and switched our mind within a 5 day period before on-line classes were about to begin. Honestly, sitting in front of a computer all day with two littles that aren’t in school, man that would have been way more daunting.

This realization that on-line school wasn’t going to be right for us was a bit unsettling. God had whispered a few times that home-school would be the better route though, so I knew that something big was going to change in my life. It wasn’t until a photography client of mine suggested Gather Round Home-school by Rebecca Spooner, that is when the light bulb clicked on! A beautiful curriculum surrounded in God’s word was exactly what I felt we needed! We signed-up with a local school that supports home-schooling and I began the big leap into finding curriculum that would suit our families needs. I will go into more detail on everything that we have chosen/what is working for us in a later blog!

Here are my absolute favourite moments from 2020! Such fun adventures we had! Here is to year 2021!!



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