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Hey! I am Jeana (Gina), a Mother of three very happy boys: Mylo, Theo and Oliver and married to my wonderful husband Ryan. I am an avid gardener and I pride my business in The Enchanted Garden, an outdoor experience for newborn photography.


I homeschool my three boys, had a midwife for two out of three babies, working my way to homesteading and found my love of reading once again.


I believe in walking barefoot, as it keeps me grounded and allows me to clear my head.


I believe in reading to my boys whenever a book is plopped into my lap. Imagination is so important to me.


I believe in running outside in the rain and experiencing life through nature.


I believe in Christ, for without Him I wouldn't have the heart that I have for all that is around me.


What do you believe in?

Everything Happens For A Reason…

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