Adventure, What 2020 Means to Me | Rustic Rabbit Photography | Red Deer Newborn and Family Photographer

Adventure, something I have always craved and desired, but something has always stopped me from being that person I so badly want to be. What is it? Is it fear of the unknown? Or is it the fact that I have become far too comfortable with my normal? Wake-up, grab a coffee, sit on the couch, swipe through social media, rinse-wash-and-repeat. How much longer can one person go through life like this? Isn’t life meant to be lived, experienced, tasted and seen?

When I was 15 I went on my first adventure to France, then again at the age of 17 I went to Italy, Germany and Austria. Went off to College, then met my husband. We traveled to Texas when Mylo was 7 months old, then I went off to Hawaii with my best Friend, traveled alone to a workshop in Victoria B.C. and then off to California for a 5 day expedition with 8 strangers in Westfalia vans. I know I am adventurous, I know I love seeing and experiencing life in big ways. What about all of those small ways that make up each day? Why is it I can’t get off the couch to go for walks and adventure in nature like I love to do? Spring and Summer are easier because of the fact that I love to garden, so we are outside 98% of the time. Winter though, Winter is tough.

I honestly think after this last miscarriage my eyes have opened up to how my world has been one big tidal wave and I just keep getting crashed into. Every time I try to get out, I get sucked back in to my everyday comfort. This year is all about adventure. I don’t want to be that person that says no to the everyday adventure. I want to be able to say yes to all kinds of activities, especially if it means it gets me out of my box full of stifling comforts.

Have you ever spent a day on social media and continued thinking to yourself, I need to sign-off and experience real life? Have you ever hid from your kids so you could hear an IG story about someone else’s life, someone else’s kids, someone else’s adventures? Me too. I have been there and done that day in and day out for months. It is time to take my life back, it is time to experience my life the way I know my heart and soul longs for and craves.

St. Paul was the first adventure of 2020. My husband’s family owns a large portion of land that includes fields, a forest and a gravel pit with a huge pond. Normally I stay behind in my comfort as my husband takes the boys for adventures, yet again. This time was different, even though I really didn’t want to go anywhere, because HELLO COMFORT, HELLO DEPRESSION! Instead I threw on my ski-pants and coat and got on that toboggan with my oldest as my husband and youngest hopped on the ski-do. I haven’t laughed like that in the longest time. My heart and soul needed that fresh air, that time to sit and be with my family, to love on them, adventure with them and make memories with them. This is what I am missing when I say no to adventure and yes to comfort. This is what I will no longer say no to. Time to put down the phone and live life like God has wanted. Time to take my comfort and make it the new norm in adventure!


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