Delburne Family Photographer – Wisdom Session: Grams

Delburne Family Photographer

This is a bit of a personal post to share more of my heart with you!

Loneliness. Such a hard concept to truly understand the depth and power this feeling can hold on a person. There is always one particular person sitting on my mind and that is my Grams. Having a broken back is a life changer and not a great one at that. Living only a three minute walk from her has made it easy to pop in for a visit as we walk to get the mail or drop big brother off at playschool. Life gets busy with two boys under 4, a full-time business etc. Sometimes I forget to get outside for a couple of days and the days pass. Guilt sets in and starts to naw at the back of my mind, reminding me that Grams is waiting. She is waiting for someone to knock on her door and have coffee with her. She is waiting to sit in the comfort of another living being to feel loved and remembered.

It breaks my heart knowing how much she used to do in her days before she broke her leg and then her back. All I can do is be her friend and stop by for a coffee even if life doesn’t think there is time for it. There is always time to talk to those you love. There is always time to sit for awhile and drink coffee and watch Grams favourite Tv show Dr Pohl. I am feeling the days slip away from me and I can’t let them slip too fast, because before I know it these photos will be all that I have.

My Mom’s Birthday is today! Happy Birthday Mother Dearest!! So with an invite from grams to come over for cake we bundled the boys on this snowy day and ventured the three minute walk. Within our visit Grams pulled our her jewellery box and showed us her treasures she has kept and collected for years. The random bits and bobs that hold special meaning to her along with gorgeous brooches, necklaces, earrings and watches. I am so thankful I listened to my gut this time and actually brought my camera. It is always a little nerve wracking documenting moments like this, but I did it anyways and I am so glad I did.


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